Sterling Moss Hamilton

About Me


I'm an avid student of code. I have honed my skills in the realms of execution, leadership and maintaining a focus on long term vision. My passion for communication to see my thoughts and those of others manifest into a reality has led me to work with teams of all sizes to cross the finish line and produce high quality results.

For the past decade I've been crafting user-centered experiences for the web. I specialize in beginning to end development utilizing the latest and greatest techniques within Front End Development, DevOps and Server Side Development. Some other areas of expertise are WordPress, server optimization, technical direction, technical education, long term planning, metrics in tandem with meaningful visualizations and more. Most days I work with my team to produce amazing work and partner with our clients. Currently I work at Noble Studios as the Lead Developer.

Sometimes I Blog


Oh god why.

New release, closer to being done!

With v1.2 I have added back testimonials as well as social information.

Removed some cruft, decided to forgo the portfolio for the moment. I also added proper heights to each section. Updated some classes and IDs to be more semantically pleasing.

This is a much cleaner push. No more big bad updates.

Also, ಠ_ಠ I LOATHE that song.

So what’s next? Well feature-wise I am good for now. But I know that there are character encoding things I want to do, as well as permalinks tied to various bits of content.

Then at some point … I should probably fix all my old URLs sending traffic here that are getting errors pages now :-\

OH! I also want to tie all these posts to using Markdown - which I am stoked to do.

- Sterling Moss Hamilton.

Update to the site!

Behold the new update v1.1!

So with this update I moved closer towards BEM like syntaxes. I’m still using Normalize, Modernizr and Bootstrap. But I’ve included Font Awesome, re-written the menu and merged H5BP into the site.

I am chopping out some sections for the moment until I am happy with them, this includes testimonials and the contact page. If you need to get ahold of me - just tweet me @sterlo and I will get back to you.

I also fixed a bug with the smoothscroll that was causing elements to be cut off after scrolling. I added some additional effects here and there.

That last line of course makes this the best change log known to man kind.

- Sterling Moss Hamilton.

This year, I start off with a new redesign! This is more brand focused and less blogging focused.

I have to do a TON of refactoring. But I do want to give credit where credit is due. The navigation is inspired by the Google Nexus 7. The photgraphy was done by Tim Miley at Noble Studios.

The original concept of this theme was put into place by Carlos Alvarez and while the aesthetics are great, I want to change quite a bit of the code to be more within my style. Things like SASS, BEM standards, etc - so that’s going to take me a bit.

But for now, it’s good as is and the MVP can go live!

- Sterling Moss Hamilton.